About Us

DGaS Services was established in 2004 by Director and Principal Consultant, Les Vogiatzakis. As a dangerous goods and safety specialist, Les has attained advanced and varied skills across the HSE sector over the past 17 years.

DGaS Services specialize in providing independent incident investigations, compliance and risk assessments, risk reviews, and the facilitation of statutory licensing in Western Australia for dangerous goods. DGaS Services provides clients with an individualised approach to solving problems relating to dangerous goods. We have provided solutions to unique issues at large and small brownfield sites, and have offered staged solutions for rapid growth businesses.

Over the years, DGAS Services has assisted a wide range of clients across various industries. Clients have included leading, local organisations and businesses including:


Barrick Gold Ltd

Blue Waters Power Station

Club Assist Pty Ltd

Exide Technologies Pty Ltd

Hyclor Pty Ltd

JHWilberforce Pty Ltd

Milne Agribus Pty Ltd

Onegas Pty Ltd

Wesfarmers LPG Pty Ltd

Western Areas NL

DGaS Services exists to help businesses achieve acceptable levels of compliance and planning, to mitigate risk and ultimately help support their bottom line.

Our Core Values are:

  • Support the safety of people, property and the environment

  • Help businesses, great and small

  • Continuous improvement

  • Business continuity preparedness