Dangerous Goods Licensing

Dangerous Goods Licensing

Our key focus is dangerous goods licensing facilitation for Western Australian businesses, whether you’re a large or small operator.  DGaS Services can assist organizations that use dangerous goods and hazardous substances as part of their business operations or license to operate.

Our accredited Dangerous Goods Consultant can work with you to determine and endorse the necessary license applications for the storage and handling of dangerous goods, that are required for compliance to the applicable regulations.

DGAS Services will assist you move swiftly through the license application and approval process. We may establish or review your safety management system, risk management plan, fundamental procedures and guidelines to assure compliance with regulations, mandatory code requirements and approved code requirements.

If you’re unsure whether you need a dangerous goods license or you’ve been issued with an improvement notice and need advice, we’re here to help. In short, we provide the simple yes or no answers to the hard questions, to get you through the dangerous goods approval and licensing process. We can reduce or eliminate any concerns, giving you the peace of mind that you’re operating to code and ready for a regulatory visit.

Our accredited Dangerous Goods Consultant is qualified to facilitate the licensing of various classes of dangerous goods or Hazmat including:

2  Compressed Gases

3  Flammable Liquids

4  Flammable Substances

5  Oxidizing Substances

6.1 Toxic Substances

8  Corrosive Substances

9  Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

C1 Combustible Liquid

Security Risk Substances

We can assist you identify, classify and submit a license for any of the following types of dangerous goods or Hazmat:



Combustible liquids

Corrosive liquids

Corrosive solids

Corrosive substances

Dangerous when wet


Flammable gas

Flammable liquids

Flammable solids

Miscellaneous dangerous goods

Non flammable gas

Organic peroxides

Oxidizing agents

Spontaneously combustible solids

Toxic gas

We can help safeguard your company’s compliance to dangerous goods and hazardous substances regulations. We’ve helped companies solve minor and major issues; those who grow too fast and need to relocate, businesses that are located at greenfield or brownfield sites, and clients with unique or difficult cases.

Get in touch with us to gain professional and helpful advice, to help you through the dangerous goods licensing approval process.

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