Dangerous Goods Training

Dangerous Goods Training

Organisations that use, handle or store dangerous goods are required to train their people on how to do so, safely. Employees need to understand their role and what may happen. This knowledge is critical to their safety, and your business continuity without incidents and injuries is dependent on this and having the right procedures and protocols in place.

DGaS Services can develop and implement tailored training to suit your operational requirements, activities and materials. We can customize the training to integrate your standard operating procedures or relevant work instructions to suit your individual business. As a formal speaker and national presenter, our accredited consultant travels across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia to deliver dangerous goods training and educational services. We also offer a 1 Day Course, to equip your employees with basic knowledge pertaining to the safe handling and storage of dangerous goods and hazardous substances at your site.

We provide training and development for specific risks and hazards for warehousing, logistics and people critical processes involving dangerous goods and hazardous substances. Our training complies with the GHS (global harmonized system) and we offer training for dangerous goods and hazardous substance loaders, packers, warehousing employees, and teams that load trucks (excluding dangerous goods permits for truck drivers).

We can provide training for:

  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • DG Diamonds and Labelling
  • Material Safety Data Sheets, content and format
  • Hazardous Substances
  • Packaging Groups and the severity of danger
  • Dangerous Goods Segregation requirements
  • Placards and Signs
  • Hazchem Code
  • Emergency Response
  • Spill Control and Equipment
  • Bunding Requirements
  • Key requirements for your specific materials and site
  • GHS System
  • Health Surveillance
  • Air Monitoring
  • Incident reporting to the relevant competent authority

This unit involves the basic knowledge required to handle and store dangerous goods and hazardous substances, including identifying requirements for working with dangerous goods and/or hazardous substances, confirming site incident procedures, selecting handling techniques, and handling and storing dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

Designed for:

Anyone working in the warehousing, distribution, chemical manufacturing and storage industries that may handle dangerous goods and/or hazardous substances, or may come into contact with co-workers who do.  That may include the receptionist, depending on the scope required.

The course content covers:

  • Requirements for working with your dangerous goods and/or hazardous substances
  • Your site incident procedures including incident reporting and emergency response expectations
  • Correct handling techniques in accordance with the particular responses for your dangerous goods and hazardous substances


Upon successful completion of this course and formative assessment tasks participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment.

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