Emergency Response Management Planning

Emergency Response Management Planning

Every company needs to be prepared and know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.  It is a basic duty of care and an obligation to employees and visitors to have a plan in place, that maps out the procedures for response to major emergencies. When you add dangerous goods and hazardous substances to the mix, you immediately raise the bar to a different level.

Do you have an Emergency Response Management Plan?

Without an emergency response management plan, you could face disastrous or tragic outcomes in an emergency situation. This could lead to major injuries, litigation or even loss of life. Are you adequately prepared for an emergency and have an emergency response plan ready to be actioned?

Most businesses know the risks that their dangerous goods or hazardous substances can impose. However, there may be other risks that you may not have contemplated, that can trigger an incident or emergency situation. If you are unsure of the potential, credible emergencies to prepare against, we can assess your site and provide considerations for possible scenarios for your type of business.

Why choose DGaS Services for Emergency Response Management Planning?

DGaS Services can give you the confidence to prepare for and resolve an incident without detrimental impact on your people or visitors. We can design an emergency response management plan to address all types of emergencies that may affect your business. It will assign roles and responsibilities for implementation of the plan in the event of an emergency.

Our accredited dangerous goods consultant will show you how to test your emergency response planning, and how this is possible without disrupting your entire workforce. Through proper planning and training, we can provide your people with the capacity and skills to confidently deal with an emergency, to minimise risk, preserve property and restore normal operations.

Call or email DGaS Services now to protect against an emergency situation escalating to a disastrous event. Find out how we can develop an emergency response plan to match your business requirements.

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