Incident Investigations Perth

Incident Investigations

Sometimes, dangerous goods incidents can be more complex than the norm, and these are generally reportable to the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.  Incidents with no injury, and/or near misses can be a sign that something worse may be looming just over the horizon.  We investigate normal OSH and environmental incidents to help you mitigate future risk and litigation. Gain an outside or unbiased view of the incident and root cause to minimize unsafe acts, conditions or occurrences in the workplace.

An accident or incident impacting people, property or the environment requires the completion of an accident and incident investigation report. This will detail the incident, why it happened and what you intend to do about it to avoid a recurrence. 

Our accredited dangerous goods consultant will investigate any safety incident, whether big or small, low frequency or high. We can advise you what processes or procedures you can incorporate into your business to reduce the likelihood or repeated incidents.

Our dangerous goods consultant is experienced in dealing with most regulatory agencies and insurers, and can provide advice and support with an accident and incident investigation relating to a:

  • Safety Incident
  • Dangerous Goods Incident
  • Environmental Impact Incident
  • Near Miss Incident

If you have a specific investigative method or standard template you prefer DGaS Services to follow, we are flexible and amenable to working within your organization’s systems and procedures. Our accredited dangerous goods consultant may utilise any of the following tools to suit the situation and your individual requirements:

  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Apollo RCA
  • ICAM
  • Taproot
  • 5 Why
  • 8D
  • FTA
  • ETA

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small company, we’re here to help with your accident and incident investigation processes. Contact us today and gain the support you need for dangerous goods and safety compliance.

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