Site Compliance Audits

Site Compliance Audits

Compliance audits can provide you with a snapshot of how well you are doing, if and where cracks may exist in your normal operations and how these can start to grow.  Verification of compliance is the best starting point, and a requirement of your dangerous goods and environmental license to operate.

DGaS Services provides systems and compliance audits to verify implementation and functionality of your dangerous goods management. We apply and assess against mandated legal requirements, relevant statutes and legal standards to ensure you are lawfully operating and your controls are fit for purpose.

With DGaS at your side, you will have the ability to plan and correct problems, and work on bigger issues, with adept support and clarity. We can establish, customise and align relevant documents and system protocols to suit your individual business requirements, rather than using an insufficient cut-and-paste approach.

DGaS Services is accredited by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, and our work is regularly audited to maintain our certification.  This gives our clients the confidence that they are receiving accurate and compliant support, helping you stay ahead of the game.  With diverse experience across all industries, we can help make your problems an easy fix.

Contact DGaS Services today with your site compliance audit enquiry. Our accredited dangerous goods consultant can provide you with various dangerous goods and safety solutions.

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