Site Risk Assessments

Site Risk Assessments

Identifying site risks and assuring that you, your employees, shareholders or neighbours have complete confidence in your risk controls is crucial. This is applicable regardless of the extent of the scenario – a specific type of dangerous good, hazardous substance, their aggregated quantities, a specific process, an entire operation or major hazard facility complex.  Knowing what numerous hazards to consider, and the many possible scenarios that could unfold provide vital information for designing mitigation strategies.

Risk reduction is the key to maintaining an efficient operation and controlling costs. Outdated information can become invalid, as risk has a shelf life. For this reason, it is imperative that businesses review their site risks regularly, to safeguard against property damage, injury and financial loss.

Our accredited dangerous goods consultant can help reveal potential hazardous situations you may have missed. We will work with your business to pinpoint the risks and provide guidance and advice on the adequate control measures necessary to reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring at your site.

DGaS Services can prepare, facilitate and complete the following types of risk assessments:

  • Dangerous goods risk assessment
  • Hazardous substances risk assessment
  • Process risk
  • Workers’ compensation systems risk
  • Emergency management risk
  • Onsite and offsite risk
  • Strategic risk
  • Corporate risk against ASX Principal 7

With specialized skills in site risk assessments our accredited dangerous goods consultant can provide additional support or guidance to:

  • Deliver training for your employees and teams to understand your site risk and consequence scenarios
  • Provide community consultation briefs and information on your specific company risks, and address what they may need to do or avoid doing
  • Train your executive team and board members on your facility risk, and how this may affect them

Talk to DGaS today and gain an outside view of your site risks and the optimum control measures recommended for your operation.

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